Organizational Review

No matter how well-run an organization is, sometimes it takes an outside eye to suggest improvements to make things more efficient. Our consultants have expertise in writing and reviewing governing documents such as constitutions, by-laws, policies, and procedures. We can look at your organization from a number of different perspectives and suggest ways to optimize your existing resources in order to better accomplish your goals.

An organizational review doesn’t have to be scary for anyone. Our process consists of three parts:

  • A review of your existing governing documents and mission;
  • Conversations with staff to better understand how each piece fits together
  • Recommendations to align your structures with best practices

An organizational review can help enhance your capacity to deliver your existing programs and develop new directions to better serve the community.

Program Evaluation

Program delivery is a critical part of your organization’s mission – it’s your raison d’être. But how do you know if your programs are doing what they are supposed to be doing?

Many organizations do very well with the planning and execution of their programs, but they do not often include an evaluation component in their processes. Program evaluation is just as important as program planning and program delivery since it tells you whether your program was successful.

Evaluation also helps inform granting agency decisions about funding a program for another year. If a program is shown to be successful, additional funding is easier to get. What better way to show off your organization’s success than by providing a professional, third-party evaluation of the program?

Our consultants can assist by undertaking a program evaluation to better understand what a program was designed to do, what it did, and where it might improve. We do this by using well-established program review models and ask the questions that need to be asked. Finally, we provide a written report on our evaluation that you can use to promote the success of your program delivery services.

Strategic Communication

Every organization has a good story to tell but they don’t always know how to tell it or who to tell it to. That’s where we come in.

From speechwriting to press releases to copywriting to presentation preparation, we can help you develop communications products to package your story in the best possible way. We will even work with you to improve the way you tell your organization’s story.

Our specialty, however, is in government relations. We can help you tell your story to the right person in the right government boardroom. With over 25 years’ combined experience in politics and the public service, our consultants know how government is structured. We know how to get your organization in front of decision-makers and with backup products to convince them.